Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Dad

Today is my Dads birthday "February 13th". This is a tribute to him. Happy Birthday Dad I love you. About 4 years ago my dad passed from this life I truely miss him each day. But on a happier note I would like to tell alittle about my dad. My dad and I were alot alike we both have very small hands he used to always tell me "Jacque look you have small hands like me" and then we would put our palms together and sure enough they were the same size. Dad was a talker he loved to visit with every one. When i was younger we practicly lived at the bowling alley and we would be waiting in the car, yep my dad would be still in the alleys gabbing with someone. Me too I love to talk to anyone especialy friends and my kids. Dad was a real good bowler he actualy use to set pins for a living on the side when we lived in Japan. So needless to say we kids spent alot of time at the bowling alley with our folks. I absolutely love to bowl and Grant my grandson will tell you because we like to go together to do that. My dad had a guitar that he would play and sing with a real twangy voice but I always thought he had the best voice and would always giggle at that. He had a great love for country music as do I, I also love all kinds of music as does my daughter Lori. Dad had a pair if cowboy boots that he just loved I always wanted a pair of mockisons so I guess you might say both from the western decade. Secretly I think my dad would've been a cowboy if he could have. Every Sunday evening we would watch "Bananza" as a family. I absolutely loved,loved,loved "Little Joe" my celebrity crush in that day but I always thought he reminded me of my dad, because dad had dark hair and and was soo cute. Yes my dad was so handsome when he was younger, I wished I had some of those pictures to show but I don't. He loved telling the stories of when he went to Key reunions and how he met this person or that person he was very big into geneology that I can't clain to be very good at. He was able to get alot of names temple ready which we are working on now. He served as the ward clerk in every ward he lived in, each bishop would always say they didn't know what they would do without him. He was so dedicated to those callings till the day he died. Bishop Larsen in Blommington ward loved him as if he had been his own dad. Also my dad was a pro at snoring, so am I as my sweet husband and kids will tell you.
On my dads birthday he would always go out for a banana split that was his favorite treat, actualy Icecream of any kind was his favorite. In the last several years of his like he could not have that because of his diobetes so once a year on his birthday he would have a sunday. He also liked a desert I made called Grandma Honeys red deseret. So when I could if my mom and him were passing thro Las Vegas or I was going up to Utah I would make him his own red desert. He didn't even share it with my Mom ha!ha! he so loved it. I love icecream too and like him have a sweet tooth.
One of the best things about my dad is that he loves the Gospel. My parents were baptised one month before Dave and I got married. Dad was so excited to be baptised and was such an asset to his ward. He had a strong testimony of the truefulness of the gospel and loved it with all his heart. So for you today on this Valentine's eve I love you Dad "Happy Birthday"

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Valentines Day "I LOVE You"

So this is the week before Valentines day a very busy week for me because I work at a Flower shop which I do love doing by the way. But during this week we get some of the most mushy comments that go to our customers. Thus saying I would like to go back a few years. Growing up my mom and dad always gave me and my brothers something for Valentines day; a box of chocolates, candy or something.... I always knew they loved me and I always loved Valentines day because of it. I loved making that tin foil box in school with the hearts on you cut out of construction paper to glue on. Then better yet geting the coolest card from the cutest boy in the class made you feel soooo good (even tho he never saw it that way) that was always a thrill. Needless to say I always tried to make that particular day fun for my own kids. So here's a shout out to my 5 little valentines out there a tribute to you. Ok I tried to put a picture in and 2 hours later no go, so here goes.....

Two of my daugters absolutely Hate Valentines Day, I won't name names they know who they are. A few years back I desided I wanted to make my oldest at least enjoy this day of Valentines. So Lori and I cut out probably hundreds of hearts to heart attack our yard for her. We had a ball making cute sayings on the hearts and getting them all placed in the yard and hanging from the tree out front of our house. There was also I believe some flowers and candy inside that I claimed was left on the front porch from someone annonimous for this said daughter. I had the boy next door sign the card for me so she would not recognize my hand writting(even tho it was plastered all over the yard outside). I had it all planned out and better yet Lori and I had so much fun doing this all day project. I don't remember my daughters response but I think we brighten her day and not only that I'm pretty sure Lori told her who had done it ( she was my most truefull child & couldn't keep a secret Ha Ha!!) Anyway the moral to my story is Yes Valentines day is for those we LOVE that doesn't mean you have to have a boyfriend to enjoy it. Do something fun for someone you love or just even like it will brighten your day and theirs.

So now I only have 1 daughter who HATES Valentines day because she does not have asignificant other but that will pass. There will be a good guy who will be so good to you; you will love him like I love your father. One more shout out to my sweet Husband who is truely my Valentine he is so creative in the things I get for Valentines day so all who are reading this take note ( I don't have any followers really) He gave me some flowers ( 100 pound bag of flour) & chocolates ( 2 large bottles of hershes chocolate surup) I absolutely loved it. Last year he made a flower with boxes of diet coke in a circle on my bedroom floor with an orchid plant in the center; how clever is that. I look forward to this year to see what he will bring me. Even it is a simple kiss that realy is enough. Love you Dave! And I love all my little valentines out there you know who you are.......Happy Valentines Day!!!!!