Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Channi

Happy BD Channi! Brandon is Channi's oldest who came to visit us this summer he asked about his mom and dad every day he missed them. He is such a good boy we loved having him come visit.
Channi loves to go camping this is us at Wheeler peek last Summer. Carsen and her were the only ones from her family that could come we had a great time.
Channi, Carsen and me at Wheeler peek Carsen is such a momma boys but we had alot of fun with him and his mom we were sorry Leslie and Brandon weren't there.

Channi loves being a mom this is her and Brandon when he was so little . You can tell I'm a new blogger I don't have many pictures of Chan when she was little I need to work on getting more scanned into this computer. Sorry about that Channi.

Here's to my sweet Channi I'm sure she would remember this car that was her's. She has had some real lemmons in the day and but a few with accidents as well. Through it all she ended up with a wonderful husband who now takes care of her so very well Thanks! Leslie we appreciate you and your beautiful family. Happy Birthday Punkin Head! We love you.......

Friday, June 18, 2010

Where did the years go

Just a shout out to Melina she turns 33 today. She is a special Ed teacher. This was their field day. All her life she wanted to be a school teacher and now she is. My little girl a school teacher Wow!
She always loves to give a party for the kids birthdays. This is Justins 1st birthday. And of course Melina is always video taping everything.

Every Summer we have a Truman reunion and that is one of her favorite things to go to. She has been my one child that loves Enterprise this is in Enterprise.

She is the proud mother of two beautiful children Ginny and Justin. They are so cute and little here boy does time fly.

This was a very proud day for her and us. Melina graduated from UNLV in Education sumacumloudi. I probably masicured that word but she work very hard for that degree and many years of school to accomplish it. Happy Birthday Melina we love you!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer is here!

We had Brandon and Grant come stay for a week before the beach. Two future Missionaries!
All the cousins had a fun day at the park while Melina's husband Jeff had surgery fun day!

Lori met us at the park to hang out with her niece and all her nephews. It actualy was a real nice day not to hot not to cold.

So they all played a little basket ball.

I had alot of fun just letting them all play. It is so fun to have cousins to play with!

So we hit the beach and the boys had so much fun in the water....

Lori and her friends Jessica and Jaymon got to learn how to surf by a prow Mark Snavely, thank you so much Mark for a blast on the board, your the best.

J.Dub and Katy with their cute family on the beach.

We went out to dinner on Lori's 20th birthday to one of our favorite Mexican resturants in Carlsbad. Happy Birthday Lori your not a teenager any more!

Lori, Dave, Me, Channi's oldest son Brandon , J Dub, Eva, Katy, Grant and Drake on the beach the weather was great.

J Dub and Drake, Drake loved playing in the sand and got as black as black as you could get

before J Dub and Katy got to the beach we went to church what a cute group. We had such a good time. I hope the kids will remember this for a long time. It was such a good start to our summer

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

one more try

I'm tring my blog again and this is the picture I found , cute huh!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Help I don't think I have it!!!

So I tried to put pictures on my last blog I totaly failed so here is another try.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Testing myself

As you all know I am new at this blogging stuff so I'm going to see if I remember how. I think I have new pictures to post so bare with.....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Home again

I'm Home again and back to a busy busy life. Thankyou April and Jacob for leting me come visit and for the wonderful time. I hope Amie and Chloe remember me.....Now I'm blogging to show April I've learn to do it so we shall see.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm still learning!!!!

Boy does Amie love Cool Whip and the cute face to go with!
Books are one of her favorite things.....
Amie likes to play with her cousin Michael isn't he cute, but not as cute as Amie.

Amie and Chloe in matching outfits Amie loves to pose, Chloe does not, not at all!

Amie is having fun in Aunt Sara and Uncle Hals big back yard. They have the most gorgeous back yard. I think this could be an award winning picture what do you think?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Texas style

So this year I missed the Easter picnic in Bunkerville because I flew to Houston, Texas to visit April and Jacob and my 2 granddaughters on this weekend. April was gracious enough to have their 1st annual Easter Picnic. She invited some friends from their ward and their family in Houston which is Jacobs brother Joseph his wife Kalyn and sister, Sarah her husband Hal and their kids. We went to a little park in Sarah's neighborhood it was a lot of fun. We had the whole park to ourselves pretty much like in Bunkerville. The company was fun and the food was well... not quite as much as the Bunkerville party but still good. I have to say, the weather was very hot and humid here and the kids really got wiped out. Amie's cheeks were so red and when we go home she crashed. April actually showed me how to put pictures on my blog for about the 3rd time. Thank you April. I am probably the most illiterate of our family and no one has the Patience for me and all of that so April helped this poor old lady to figure out how to put pictures on this lovely blog. I am having so much fun with Chloe and Amie I wished they lived closer. I am so glad I do have my other beautiful grandchildren closer. I hope everyone has a great Easter weekend.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Valentines" you either Love It or Hate it!!!

Most of my life I have always liked Valentines Day. School parties and geting Valentines were always fun to me. Then when I got older in my teen years Valentines Day seemed a little different. No I never had a boy friend par say, so I never recieve anything from a so called Valentine but my mom always gave me something wether its was candy or something she always made me feel special. I truely think that is what Valentines is all about showing those you love that you love them. In my own home I raised 5 children out of the 5; 4 were girls. I can safely say 2 of my girls absolutely Hate, Hate, Hate Valentines Day. The reason is I'm sure because they never had a boyfriend around Valentines day. So one year many years ago I desided that I was going to soften the blow of that terrible day for one of my girls. I think she was in 10th or 11th grade. I decide to heart attack our front yard with fun notes just for her from an anonomous person supposibly a guy.....I spent all morning preparing the hearts and geting a special note written to her signed by a nieghbor next door so it would not be my handwriting so she would not recognize it. I believe I even got her a little something besides that a balloon and candy and the works. This was all to make her day more bright and that she would not hate that day. I truely don't know if it worked but I certianly had a fun day. If I remember correctly she actual saw right through my attempt and asked if I had done it. I played dumb but all in all she knew it was me. She now has her very own sweet Valentine of a husband and loves him dearly. So for all you girls out there who do not have that significant other do a kind thing for someone who is a friend and make their day a little brighter. You may still hate that day but it will make you feel good inside. Thats what VALENTINES is all about!!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do they sparkle!

I had the oportunity to go to Utah last week and visit my kids and beautiful grandchildren. My daughter Channi, her boys and I went up to Logan to visit Lori on Saturday. While driving Channi was looking through some of the pictures in my wallet. She found some real old pictures that brought back alot of memories. She came across pictures of one of her sisters she said look mom see how her eyes sparkle in these pictures and I said yes they did, then what she said was so profound. She said her eyes have lost the sparkle look at this one..... I agreed and our conversation went on. But this week I have been thinking allot about those sparkling eyes and I truely believe we all can have that through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It shines through all we do. It makes us happy and safe and confident and the best thing of all it is so, so true. I am glad I have it in my life with all the truth we need to return to our heavenly father. But i do know we can lose that sparkle and that to me is very sad. I was also reading a letter from a young man from our old ward who is serving a mission in Chili he is loving his mission. He shines in everything he does, everything is a possitive, he loves the people, he is excited for every new day, to work hard to share the gospel with those people down in Chili. He is so excited about what he is doing his eyes sparkle 100% what a wonderful example he is to me and his family. I am thankful for these missionaries.
I just hope we can have that light shine in our lives and let our eyes sparkle to all that see us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When everything seems to go wrong...

We all have days as my daughter says everything breaks and everything cost sooooo much money to fix. Yes this is true and I always have a good cry when everything is just like that. But then I know how blessed I am and that I have 5 great children that are all healthy and strong. I also have 8 beautiful grandchildren that are all well too and a great husband who loves me and takes such good care of me. Thats when everything going wrong is ok. So I guess it is ok to have those bad days because in the end I know heavenly father loves me and I am BLESSED with so much.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This was our major design for prom 2008 Senior year. It took me 4 months to make but turned out great and as always a purfect model.
Custom is hard but doable most girls or should I say parents could not afford this gold dress but I totaly can make a dress already made modest at a much cheeper price.
This is my daughter Lori yes she is beautiful and my model for the perfect dress. This was her prom dress her Jr year at Arbor View HS. Yes we designed it together and it was her fav. But this blog is going to be about dresses. Most people know I am a seimstress mostly I fix dresses to make them modest. I guess I have a passion for it but I truely love helping the girls have modest dresses.
This was my last customer formal dress and I will miss doing this for all my girls. Each one have had their own custom dress for either homecoming or prom.
Yes and Lori is the bomb she set this blog up thankyou! So to all my girls Chan, Melina , April and Lori I loved making you all modest beautiful dresses and each one of you were purfect models in them . Love you MOM