Thursday, January 28, 2010

Do they sparkle!

I had the oportunity to go to Utah last week and visit my kids and beautiful grandchildren. My daughter Channi, her boys and I went up to Logan to visit Lori on Saturday. While driving Channi was looking through some of the pictures in my wallet. She found some real old pictures that brought back alot of memories. She came across pictures of one of her sisters she said look mom see how her eyes sparkle in these pictures and I said yes they did, then what she said was so profound. She said her eyes have lost the sparkle look at this one..... I agreed and our conversation went on. But this week I have been thinking allot about those sparkling eyes and I truely believe we all can have that through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It shines through all we do. It makes us happy and safe and confident and the best thing of all it is so, so true. I am glad I have it in my life with all the truth we need to return to our heavenly father. But i do know we can lose that sparkle and that to me is very sad. I was also reading a letter from a young man from our old ward who is serving a mission in Chili he is loving his mission. He shines in everything he does, everything is a possitive, he loves the people, he is excited for every new day, to work hard to share the gospel with those people down in Chili. He is so excited about what he is doing his eyes sparkle 100% what a wonderful example he is to me and his family. I am thankful for these missionaries.
I just hope we can have that light shine in our lives and let our eyes sparkle to all that see us.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

When everything seems to go wrong...

We all have days as my daughter says everything breaks and everything cost sooooo much money to fix. Yes this is true and I always have a good cry when everything is just like that. But then I know how blessed I am and that I have 5 great children that are all healthy and strong. I also have 8 beautiful grandchildren that are all well too and a great husband who loves me and takes such good care of me. Thats when everything going wrong is ok. So I guess it is ok to have those bad days because in the end I know heavenly father loves me and I am BLESSED with so much.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


This was our major design for prom 2008 Senior year. It took me 4 months to make but turned out great and as always a purfect model.
Custom is hard but doable most girls or should I say parents could not afford this gold dress but I totaly can make a dress already made modest at a much cheeper price.
This is my daughter Lori yes she is beautiful and my model for the perfect dress. This was her prom dress her Jr year at Arbor View HS. Yes we designed it together and it was her fav. But this blog is going to be about dresses. Most people know I am a seimstress mostly I fix dresses to make them modest. I guess I have a passion for it but I truely love helping the girls have modest dresses.
This was my last customer formal dress and I will miss doing this for all my girls. Each one have had their own custom dress for either homecoming or prom.
Yes and Lori is the bomb she set this blog up thankyou! So to all my girls Chan, Melina , April and Lori I loved making you all modest beautiful dresses and each one of you were purfect models in them . Love you MOM