Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Valentines" you either Love It or Hate it!!!

Most of my life I have always liked Valentines Day. School parties and geting Valentines were always fun to me. Then when I got older in my teen years Valentines Day seemed a little different. No I never had a boy friend par say, so I never recieve anything from a so called Valentine but my mom always gave me something wether its was candy or something she always made me feel special. I truely think that is what Valentines is all about showing those you love that you love them. In my own home I raised 5 children out of the 5; 4 were girls. I can safely say 2 of my girls absolutely Hate, Hate, Hate Valentines Day. The reason is I'm sure because they never had a boyfriend around Valentines day. So one year many years ago I desided that I was going to soften the blow of that terrible day for one of my girls. I think she was in 10th or 11th grade. I decide to heart attack our front yard with fun notes just for her from an anonomous person supposibly a guy.....I spent all morning preparing the hearts and geting a special note written to her signed by a nieghbor next door so it would not be my handwriting so she would not recognize it. I believe I even got her a little something besides that a balloon and candy and the works. This was all to make her day more bright and that she would not hate that day. I truely don't know if it worked but I certianly had a fun day. If I remember correctly she actual saw right through my attempt and asked if I had done it. I played dumb but all in all she knew it was me. She now has her very own sweet Valentine of a husband and loves him dearly. So for all you girls out there who do not have that significant other do a kind thing for someone who is a friend and make their day a little brighter. You may still hate that day but it will make you feel good inside. Thats what VALENTINES is all about!!!!