Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Channi

Happy BD Channi! Brandon is Channi's oldest who came to visit us this summer he asked about his mom and dad every day he missed them. He is such a good boy we loved having him come visit.
Channi loves to go camping this is us at Wheeler peek last Summer. Carsen and her were the only ones from her family that could come we had a great time.
Channi, Carsen and me at Wheeler peek Carsen is such a momma boys but we had alot of fun with him and his mom we were sorry Leslie and Brandon weren't there.

Channi loves being a mom this is her and Brandon when he was so little . You can tell I'm a new blogger I don't have many pictures of Chan when she was little I need to work on getting more scanned into this computer. Sorry about that Channi.

Here's to my sweet Channi I'm sure she would remember this car that was her's. She has had some real lemmons in the day and but a few with accidents as well. Through it all she ended up with a wonderful husband who now takes care of her so very well Thanks! Leslie we appreciate you and your beautiful family. Happy Birthday Punkin Head! We love you.......

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