Saturday, January 22, 2011

Trip to Houston in January

Amie was put in the hospital with pneumonia so I wanted to go to Houston to help April for moral support. And because I can, thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Key, I did!

Amie was in the Hospital for 4 days, just as she was getting better, we found out Chloe had Pneumonia as well! When it rains it pours! And it was raining in Houston!

Chloe was glad to see her big sister! You would never know she had pneumonia she was so good.

This is Amie right as she is being released on Friday. She finaly felt like doing something other than laying in bed we were so glad to have her feel better.

Amie was not back to normal but much better than she had been, she was still really tired!

5 days later both girls were so much better they realy have fun with each other
I remember my oldest girls playing like this (I do miss those days when they were little) Love you Chan and Min

We went to story time at their library Sara was there with her twins and baby James, boy does she have her hands full.

Chloe was having fun too. She kinda got use to me by the end of my stay which was alot of fun....

One day we went to an indoor playground called "Stomping Ground" the kids all had a ball there. Amie is having a rest here....

She liked going through this walking ladder. The weather in Houston was so cold, very damp so different from Las Vegas weather. I had to double up on my clothing there it seemed like I was cold all the time.

Yes and I actualy climbed up in this thing with Chloe and we went down the slide, she loved it! We were the only ones on it at this time. Fun, Fun, Fun. So I know my kids are wondering why I post pictures and blog of Aprils girls that is because I am so computer illiterate she helps me when I'm at her house. I realy am going to try harder at home. I love all you Brandon, Carsen, Ginny, Justin, Grant, Drake & Eva. Yes I have nine grandchildren.
I love being a grandma!!!!


  1. Hey what a cute post thank you April! I miss all my grandbabies

  2. I am so glad everyone is feeling better in the Rotolo family. Love u all!